Metallica’s Kirk Hammett discusses how he measures success

Earlier this month, Jabberjaw Media announced the addition of The MetalSucks Podcast, featuring hosts Chuck and Godless. The podcast has recorded well over 100 episodes since its formation over two years ago. Their popularity is global, largely as a result of in-depth, candid interviews with the genre’s most popular performers. The duo unveiled a special episode with Kirk Hammett of Metallica, where they dive into the importance of measuring one’s success and some unique projects he is working on now.

As the podcast episode unravels the audience quickly learns that Kirk Hammett is not all about the fame and added perks it brings. Rather he measures his success by the music he produces and his finances. He explains how he quickly learned that just being a musician would not fulfill all of life’s happiness, and would need to set out to find other avenues to reach this feeling. He expanded on how other members started tackling their ‘life outside of Metallica’ and wanted to join the movement.

Late last month, Hammett alongside industry vet David Karon unveiled their latest venture, the Ghoul Screamer guitar pedal. Hammett credits his awkward teen years and upbringing as giving him the necessary drive and will to take his dreams one step further and states that building a “good infrastructure” is the key to life.

Chuck and Godless take the time to ask how Hammett does it all, and he notes that it takes a lot of hard work and to be “real goal oriented and strive to hit the mark.” He continues, “I tried to be the best musician, the best guitarist that I could possibly be.” He finds his happiness helping others and hopes that his new pedal company will be a tool for young musicians to pick up a guitar and live out their dreams.

Currently, Hammett and the rest of Metallica are currently in the studio.


Author: Buddy Iahn

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