Miranda Lambert refuses fan photo in Times Square

The singer was out with husband Blake Shelton

Most artists appreciate their fans and don’t mind signing autographs or posing for photos while out in public, but not Miranda Lambert!

A video we obtained via YouTube, appropriately dubbed “Stupid Famous People,” shows Lambert and her superstar husband, Blake Shelton, hurriedly walking through Times Square in March. Stopped at a crosswalk, Shelton signed several autographs and posed for photos, but Lambert refused to acknowledge any fans’ request.

“Can I get a picture with you?” the unlucky female fan asks.

“No, I’m sorry,” Lambert quipped back.

“Okay,” the fan disappointingly accepts.

The video continues to show Lambert’s disparagement when she taps Shelton and quickly states, “Let’s go!” as Shelton continues to greet fans even saying, “No problem” when being thanked.

As Shelton walks away, he waves and shakes hands with fans and says, “Gotta go, ya’ll.”

Lambert just grabs Shelton’s hand and whisks him away saying, “We gotta go, sorry.”

Shelton was very nonchalant and appreciative but Lambert was rude and desolate toward her fans. Perhaps it was because the crowd surrounded Shelton and not her or maybe it was that she was having a bad day or something else. No matter what, there’s no excuse for her behavior. The fans are who have made her who she is today! They’re her success, not herself! In a hurry or not, posing for a quick photo or two wasn’t going to hold her up anymore than that crosswalk! I bet she doesn’t treat paying fans the same way backstage at a concert or at CMA Music Fest!

Watch the video for her shocking behavior!

Author: Buddy Iahn

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