Moe Bandy sets Jimmy Capps-produced album for August

A Love Like That was the late Jimmy Capps final project

Award-winning country music legend Moe Bandy is releasing a new album, A Love Like That, on Friday, August 28th. Bandy delivers true-to-the-bone traditional country music that fans expect from “Bandy the Rodeo Clown.”

A Love Like That is one of the most enjoyable albums I’ve ever cut,” says Bandy. “We really worked hard to choose the right songs for this record, and I think we did just that. I’m excited for this new album to drop and to get back on the road again, bringing the new music to the fans.”

The eleven track project was produced by acclaimed Grand Ole Opry musician, the late Jimmy Capps (George Jones, George Strait, Ray Charles, Tammy Wynette). Capps and Bandy completed the album prior to his passing earlier this year.

“When I recorded this new CD, I never would of dreamed that this would be the last completed project that Jimmy Capps would produce and play on,” Bandy shares. “What a great friend and genius in the recording studio. We lost Jimmy shortly after we finished this CD. He will be missed by many people. What a huge loss in the music industry.”

“Jimmy was so proud of this album he produced for Moe Bandy,” explains Michele Capps, Jimmy Capps’ wife. “He loved Moe, and they were true friends. Jimmy had searched and found some great songs, along with Moe. We felt like this collection of songs just suited Moe perfectly, and Moe sang his heart out on them.”

Capps’ widow says on the new collection of songs, her husband and Bandy gave it their all.

“We felt like Moe was singing better than ever and singing straight from his heart,” she explains. “Jimmy played from his heart, and you can feel him in every song. They both poured their souls into every one. The musicians all felt it, and they played so good. Curtis Young and myself sang the background vocals, also Ben Isaacs sang bass on ‘Shoulda Been Singing Rock Of Ages,’ and it was such a pleasure and an honor to be part of this, Jimmy’s last completed album. It was lovingly recorded and mixed by our son, Grammy winner Mark Capps.”

A Love Like That features tunes from many prominent Nashville songwriters including Bill Anderson (“City Lights”) Jeannie Seely, (“Life of a Rodeo Cowboy”), Eddy Raven (“The Last of the Sunshine Cowboys”) and Bobby Tomberlin (co-writer credits on “A Love Like That,” “Heartache Doesn’t Have a Closin Time,” “You Can’t Go Home,” and “What If”).

Upon its release, Bandy’s new album will be available to purchase at and will stream online via Apple and Amazon Music.

“I hope when you hear it, you will feel the way we do, the way Jimmy did, and that you have ‘A Love Like That’ the way we always will,” adds Michele. “Forever.”

A Love Like That is sponsored by Springer Mountain Farms.

1. Tonight Was Made For the Two of Us (Tom Botkin, Tony Stampley)
2. A Love Like That (Bobby Tomberlin, Mo Pitney, Bill Anderson)
3. The Last of the Sunshine Cowboys (Eddy Raven)
4. Heartache Doesn’t Have a Closin Time (Bobby Tomberlin, Shayne Fair, Candi Carpenter)
5. City Lights (Bill Anderson)
6. You Can’t Go Home (Bobby Tomberlin, Steven Dale Jones, Jim B. Martin)
7. It’s All Over Town (Leona Williams, Eric Blankenship)
8. Life of a Rodeo Cowboy (Jeannie Seely)
9. You Can’t Stop a Heart From Breaking (Tony Stampley, Kim Williams, Lisa Schafor)
10. Shoulda Been Singin Rock of Ages (Leona Williams, Lance Miller, Austin Cunningham)
11. What If (Bobby Tomberlin, Bill Anderson)

Author: Buddy Iahn

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