Montgomery Gentry release ‘Titty’s Beer’ video

Country duo Montgomery Gentry are showing their comedic side with their new song and video, “Titty’s Beer.” As one would expect with a title like that, the song is full of innuendo about America’s favorite party drink.

The track is featured on Mud Digger 4, a compilation CD made up of 13 artists from the Average Joe’s Entertainment roster including Moonshine Bandits, Colt Ford and LoCash Cowboys. The CD was released on July 2nd. You can also download the track individually.

The video, which debuted on Taste of Country, is not safe for office listening, so you may want to plug your headphones in if you must watch now. The video features Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry rocking on stage with a rowdy crowd cheering to Titty’s Beer. There is no nudity, but a lot of innuendo.

Also, one shouldn’t expect to hear this song on terrestrial radio as I’m sure it’s too racy for most audiences even though it’s about a beer named Titty’s.


Enjoy the view… eh, I mean tune.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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