Most popular casino themed pop songs

Gambling has always been a thrill and motivator, when it comes to musicians creating their masterpieces of songs. Because let’s face it, gambling has been seen as an elegant and luxurious habit to have, so it would make complete sense (especially back a few decades), that the theme of casinos would feature as the main themes of the songs.

Whether you are a casual gambler or rather the opposite, who likes to frequently log into online casinos on the regular, casino songs can be the perfect thing to listen to, when you are looking to muster up some morale and plough through those wagers you plan to make on the poker table. Here is a run-down of some of the most popular casino themed pop songs that we think are completely worth listening to while you gamble the night away on some table games or popular online slots!

“Waking Up in Vegas” – Katy Perry

Starting off with more recent releases, we have Katy Perry and her exotic and dramatic releases. Perry has always been able to be outlandish and a little over the top, much like Lady Gaga and other candidates within the music industry. However, “Waking Up in Vegas” is the epitome of casino expectation, she uses luxury as her theme and representation of casinos, in addition to the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Which of course is a very typical saying for the sin city that is Vegas.

The tune is super catchy and Perry gets bonus points for her bold dress-up as Elvis, an all-time Vegas legend, of course, in addition to the little additions such as a wedding in Vegas, too. While the music video is super out there, Perry manages to personify the theme of casinos, very, very well! It is ironic that she also will be waking up in Vegas when she does her Vegas residency at Resorts World Las Vegas.

“Snake Eyes” – Mumford and Sons

While British folk-rock is not something that goes down to everyone’s taste, this song manages to really squeeze in references to gambling and casinos. The track refers to a man’s poor luck and the worst roll you can get in craps being a double one, hence the “Snake Eyes” reference there. While maybe quite a few would not want to listen to a song that talks about bad luck while they gamble, it could be a hype song to listen to before you play craps.

We all know how dice casino games can be particularly tricky, and while craps is considered a great game to play for its low house edge, that does not necessarily mean you have an instant win. Mumford and Sons are right, this game can be quite a tough one to conquer, and poor luck will not fair you well…

“A Little Less Conversation” and “Viva Las Vegas” – Elvis Presley

Elvis is obviously the king of Vegas inspired music, especially with him being a regular performer at Vegas, it makes complete sense how he somehow is the symbolism of Vegas life. He will forever be associated with the city and a legend amongst the locals. More onto the song however, “A Little Less Conversation” was remixed into a famous casino movie Ocean’s Eleven, and that was probably another reason as to why this song heightened in its relevance to casinos, because Ocean’s Eleven is a really popular casino movie to watch today.

Of course, “Viva Las Vegas” is the absolute classic for casinos. It is a track that most casinos would most probably guilty play, to ensure that guests are feeling in a Vegas mood, as this song just screams gambling and Sin City, in the most eccentric way. The music video features the exotic dancers, and everything from the 60s and for that reason, will always forever remain a classic and favorite track for all gamblers and gambling establishments today.

“Casino Boogie” – The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are just a classic band that no one will ever tire from. Everybody definitely has a Rolling Stones graphic tee somewhere in the depths of their closets, that is for sure. They have become the constant for retro classics, be in an American diner somewhere, and of course casinos. This track in particular, used a whole lot of made up words, as admitted by the band themselves back in the day, but it particularly became associated with casinos, due to the lyrics actually being written across from a casino in the countryside of France. Makes sense.

Next time you are planning on an online casino session, “Casino Boogie” is undoubtedly more than appropriate to play along to, as you get yourself in the casino frame of mind.

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