Most popular gambling songs of all time

Songs are a great way to influence people across all realms, including gambling. One often needs to be calm to place a wager, and background music playing throughout casinos is often inspirational, even if the gambler doesn’t realize it. Many songs use gambling imagery to describe a feeling, thought or thing.

Most casinos use impressive sound effects and play popular gambling songs in the background to provide the best experience to their players. That’s the case with who lists the biggest collection of slot games. Below are some of the best song collections that the operators often use in their online gambling platforms to provide a better gameplay experience.

1. “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga wrote and released “Poker Face” in 2008. The song has received tremendous breakthrough in the casino and gambling sector as many casinos have added it to their playlists after being enjoyed by players.

The song appears on Gaga’s debut album, The Fame. Gaga, who’s legal name is Stefani Germanotta, and Nadir Khayat co-wrote the track with RedOne producing it. Gaga once stated in an interview that the song was written as a pop song that was a tribute to a famous band called Rock n Roll.

2. “Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis Presley

“Viva Las Vegas” is a 1964 song recorded by Elvis Presley that was written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman for the movie Viva Las Vegas. It has become one of the most popular gambling songs of today.

The two minute and 24-second song has become one of The King Of Rock’s biggest hits, although he’s never performed it live. Many others have covered and performed it over the years, including ZZ Top, Bruce Springsteen, The Dead Kennedys and others.

3. “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers

“The Gambler” is unique among other gambling songs as it tells more of a story. The song is so beautiful that it gives life lessons about gambling and its consequences related to it. The video features Rogers sitting at a poker table waiting to take someone’s money.

The song was released in 1978, and Rogers has won a Grammy Award for the track in 1980. Rogers is most notable for the song and starring in a series of films loosely based on the classic track.

4. “Ace Of Spades” by Motorhead

“Ace of Spades” is a popular song by Motorhead released in November 1980. The song is a classic hardcore track that is derived from frontman Lemmy’s love of gambling. The English trio wrote one of the most identifying and requested songs ever about the industry. It’s been featured in films and soundtracks ever since and is a favorite among players.

5. “Blackjack” by Ray Charles

Ray Charles wrote and recorded “Blackjack” in 1955. He sings about the success and failures of gambling in a very dramatic way. The song is popular among many casinos and lays the foundation of gamblers hoping to win big.

6. “The Jack” by AC/DC

AC/DC’s “The Jack” isn’t exactly about gambling, but the band’s use of gambling metaphors for seducing a woman does see it make our list. Despite it’s context, the song is popular among gamblers and is often heard in the background of casinos.

7. “Gambler’s Blues” by BB King

BB King released “Gambler’s Blues” on his Blues is King live album in 1967. The song also uses gambling imagery to tell the story of a man who’s woman has left him. “You know some people say love is just a gamble/But whatever it is, it’s enough to drive old B mad,” he sings in the slow blues.

Bottom Line

These songs are some that are still played on many gambling sites and traditional casinos to keep the players motivated and calm during the game. The secret strategy of casinos is to keep the players engaged for long periods of time through inspiring songs.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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