Most popular genres of music in casinos

The type of music in casinos plays an important role in creating the ultimate atmosphere for players to get into their mood.

We all know that casinos are spending a lot of money on creating the ultimate environment in casinos just so players feel comfortable playing casino games at all times.

However, apart from the luxurious interior and the exciting sound coming out of the machines, casinos pay close attention to the type of music played just because music is one of the biggest mood enhancers.

With that said, in today’s article, we decided to take a look at the music genres that are usually played in a casino and see how it impacts human behavior.

How Does Music Impact Human Emotions?

One of the biggest reasons that casinos pay special attention to the type of music played in their locations has to do with the influence of music on human emotions. There is a lot of evidence that suggests that music can impact our emotions quite a lot.

There are many experiments conducted by scientists, and one, in particular, had some amazing results. This study included bank workers whose job is to process financial transactions. Out of all genres, classical music has been found as the biggest performance enhancer of the workers in the bank. The study also showed that classical music also improved the worker’s focus and efficiency.

Another experiment found that the type of music in supermarkets can change the pace of how shoppers pick their products. For example, relaxing music can slow down the pace of shopping.

So, there is strong evidence that music can influence human emotions, but not just that. Music is also a big mood enhancer where happy tunes can lift up people’s spirits. This is very important for casinos just because they want to keep players engaged in the game even when they are on a losing streak.

Music can also impact the performance of people. For example, classic music can help people memorize more information while relaxing music can impact people’s pace.

Casinos fully understand the impact of music and its effect on a casino, which is why they are trying to utilize the process as much as possible. While most gambling outlets stick to the traditional classic tunes, just to reflect their “serious” nature, other casino establishments are looking for a deeper connection with the music and want to create a more in-depth atmosphere for every occasion.

Popular Music Genres In Casinos

This leads to the next question – which music genres are most popular in casinos and why? The first and most important thing to consider is the casino as a brand. Each casino has a different strategy from the service inside, to the interior and type of music. This means that they specifically choose certain genres of music depending on what they offer and who their target audience is.

With that said, there is a certain thing that all casinos have in common, and that is that all of them want to attract more people. With music as an important factor in creating the ultimate gambling atmosphere, they pay close attention to which tunes are played.

Let’s go through some of the most popular genres of music that can be found at casinos all over the world.

Classical Music

Classical music is one of the traditional options that casinos go for. Classical songs are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere where players can focus on gambling and not get distracted by the songs. We are not talking about operas or lengthy compositions, but some of the best-known classical songs are most common in casinos all around the world.

Soft Pop Music

For some casinos that want to increase the pace of how games are played and introduce some liveliness in the casino space, they choose to play soft pop songs. These songs are not too loud and don’t include risky language or controversial topics.

Even though soft pop isn’t as popular a choice as classical music, there are still many casinos that have such songs playing in the background. These songs help people get in their mood, increase their happiness, and improve their focus on gambling.


What’s more relaxing than having jazz music playing in the background. This is why it is a common choice of many casinos where they carefully pick only instrumental tunes of some of the most popular jazz songs and performers.

Just because jazz is a relaxing music genre, it helps people improve their focus and create a present atmosphere.

Electronic Dance Music

Some of the brave souls in the casino industry that want to spice things up are choosing electronic dance music, especially for big nights when the casino is getting many visitors.

Since electronic dance music is mostly upbeat and energetic, it can increase the pace of how people interact with the games and creates a party atmosphere where people tend to spend more money

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