Motley Crue confirm new music for ‘The Dirt’ film

Four new songs are currently being recorded for the band’s biopic The Dirt

Motley Crue are back in the studio recording new tracks for their upcoming Netflix biopic The Dirt. Rock’s notorious bad boys have reunited with Dr. Feelgood producer Bob Rock for four new tracks. The foursome confirm the news after a few cryptic social media posts over the past couple of weeks.

The first post was on August 26th when drummer Tommy Lee published a video of him playing drums in the studio with the caption, “Boomz!!!!!!” Two days later, a picture of Rock, Lee and guitarist Mick Mars was posted on the band’s Facebook page with the caption “28th August 2018.” Lee also published the pic on his Instagram writing “It’s that new shit!!!!”

Very few other studio pics have been posted since, leaving fans wondering if the Crue were recording a new album. However, Crue responded with “Yup” and a devil horn Emoji when a fan asked “Movie soundtrack?”

Vocalist Vince Neil shared that he’ll be adding his parts soon. “Exciting news! I’ll be going back in recording studio in a few weeks with the boys to record 4 brand new Motley Crue tracks! Rock On!!” Neil writes.

Neil also addressed the fans wondering how the band are recording after signing a formal Cessation Of Touring Agreement in 2014. “For those of you who don’t understand, yes ‘the boys’ means Motley and we signed a contract not to tour anymore. We never broke up or said we would never make music again. Hope this clears it up.”

Sixx clears up confusion after a fan asks how the new music will fit in the film. “You can trust us these are ball busters. Everybody can relax. Were soon gonna smack you upside the head with some killer new tracks. Bob Rock is producing. Its our movie. We know what were doing.”

The Dirt is being produced by the band with the script being written by Rich Wilkes and and Californication creator Tom Kapinos. Jackass director Jeff Tremaine is on board to direct the film about the band’s excess with drugs, sex, makeup and celebrity love affairs. The film is based on their 2002 autobiography, “The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band.”

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly has been cast as Lee, London-born actor Douglas Booth as Nikki Sixx, Australian actor Daniel Webber as Neil and Whales actor Iwan Rheon as Mars. No word on when the film will be finished or distributed via Netflix.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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