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Motley Crue to call it quits after next album, tour

A couple of Motley Crue members have stated in recent interviews that the band will “call it quits” after releasing one more album and embarking on a two year farewell world tour beginning next year. In an interview with Australian online magazine The Music last month, bassist Nikki Sixx said the group wants to go out on a high.

“I wanna finish our movie [adaptation of Mötley Crüe’s New York Times bestselling collaborative autobiography The Dirt: Confessions Of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band] and put out a new album,” Sixx states. “We’ll be back in Australia and, ah, that’ll be it. I can honorably say, ‘We did it our way and we’re never coming back’.”

Sixx also stated the group will release a soundtrack album to the movie before embarking on the tour.

“I can honorably say, ‘We did it our way and we’re never coming back’.”

Frontman Vince Neil confirmed Sixx’s comments to QMI Agency in Toronto this week.

“We’re going to put out some new music next year and then it’s our farewell tour — we’ll do the world one more time and then call it a day” Neil confers. “Our farewell tour (will be like) 2014 or ’15.  Tours last about two years.  So to finish the world, you’ve got to do the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia … it takes some time.”

The band have been raising hell together for more than three decades since their formation in Los Angeles in 1981.  The notorious rockers would rather disband while they’re on top than to fade away and that’s the reason Neil says for the breakup, “It’s time, that’s really it.”

Just because Motley Crue may be going away doesn’t mean the members will be.  Neil said he’ll still continue to sing The Crue’s music with his solo band on tour.  Of course, Sixx has his radio show, Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx, in syndication through the US and on Sirius XM.  Neil also states drummer Tommy Lee wants to be a DJ so it’s not clear if he’ll tour that scene or take that to the radio waves. Guitarist Mick Mars has long suffered from a chronic, inflammatory form of arthritis that affects his spine and pelvis so no word on his post Crue plans.

The band’s last album, Saints Of Los Angeles, was released in 2008.

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