The app lets friends discover music via iMessage

Upstart developer/publisher Twins Rock Media has announced that Synchronicity, the world’s first music discovery app that lets you compare and share music libraries with friends and family, is now available for free download in the Apple App Store.

Synchronicity’s peer-to-peer technology and interactive messaging application allow iOS users to compare Apple Music and iTunes libraries with up to five friends in close proximity and with remote friends via iMessage. Users’ libraries are color-coded to indicate commonalities and differences, and organized by Artists, Albums and Songs, making it easy for users to discover new music not currently in their library and even build shared playlists.

Exclusive to Synchronicity, the app also generates a unique “Synchronicity Index” that compares musical tastes with friends. Created using a proprietary algorithm based on individual libraries, the Synchronicity Index may offer new insights into your friends’ and family’s music libraries.

The creators’ main idea was to provide a platform for music fans to easily discover music without spending hours sifting through their friends’ phones. By using the Apple Music interface, Synchronicity compares libraries within seconds and offers the potential to capture a massive audience with its ease of use and cutting-edge technology.

“While there are dozens of services out there that use elusive algorithms to tell you what to listen to,” states Natasha Mandich, co-founder of Twins Rock Media, “we developed Synchronicity so you could go directly to the most trusted source – your friends – and share your music simply and quickly.”

Synchronicity is available for free in the Apple App Store.