The Music Universe turns 10

Happy Birthday to us!

The Music Universe is 10 years old today, Tuesday, January 24, 2023. My podcast and travel cohort Matt Bailey wanted to record a podcast episode. We did. However, I was uncomfortable publishing it so I went a different direction with it.

Instead, I edited a snippet of what we recorded and put it in a video. It was an audio episode, but Matt wanted to reflect on his time with us and I found it poignant to still air, but in a different form. I preface the audio clip with a short video thanking everyone and explaining why I chose not to run the entire hour long episode. (Maybe some day it’ll appear as a “lost” episode).

I also felt that I should include Matt’s reflection in text format, so you can read that and watch the video below.

Thanks to 10 incredible years. Cheers to 10 more and beyond!

“Today, a site I am proud to be a part of turns 10. And the secret sauce? The Music Universe Founder and Editor in Chief Buddy Iahn. He has the heart of a musician and the tenacity of a reporter. What does that mean? It means The Music Universe is celebrating a decade of bringing the most accurate music reporting to fans around the world.

“I have personally seen Buddy wake up after little sleep just to get out breaking news. I have also WOKEN him up before dawn to do the same. After the requisite cursing at me into his phone, he’s at his desk, ready to be among the first (if not the first) out with news that has many times marked a massive change in music or pop culture.

“The thing about Buddy is he built TMU from the ground up. From a site that merely posted press releases to a must-read news organization reaching tens of millions of eyeballs and growing. His tenacity is as relentless as his humility. He rarely steps back from working hard to see how hard he really works. That is his drummer’s work ethic through and through. Keep time. Never stop.

“Since I joined in 2016, Buddy has allowed me the latitude to travel this country for the purpose of covering concerts, and doing what I feel is the work of preserving music history. We’ve been to Nashville, Vegas, and even Ireland together as The Music Universe has expanded its reach and coverage globally.
These last six years have included some of the best adventures of my life. And it’s all because Buddy finally answered my 100th DM on Facebook in November 2016. Or was it an email? I don’t remember. I just know I nagged him till he let me write up a concert. That very night, I came back with my first review of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. What harm could it be, even if it doesn’t last? I did over 70 reviews and more than 40 podcasts in 2022.

“We started the podcast in 2020. [Technically fall of 2019] (Yes, that 2020.) We have welcomed a galaxy of stars with whom I could have only dreamed of having a conversation. Through that, as our listeners know, our friendship has deepened and we seem to go on a never-ending bevy of (mis)adventures together in service of witnessing the awesome power of music. From touring Windmill Lane in Dublin to interviewing Aerosmith in Vegas, we just look wide-eyed at each other wondering, “how in the HELL did this happen?” He’s a redneck from Missouri. I’m a bald guy from Pennsyltucky.

“In Buddy, I have also found a best friend. A friend I can travel the world with one minute, and tongue-in-cheekily tell off very colorfully the next. It continues to work because of our shared love of music. I am so glad to call him a creative partner (he’s going to wince at that, and I don’t care) that has allowed me to grow with him as a journalist as the site has grown. Here’s to many more decades at TMU, and to never stopping the music. Happy 10th to The Music Universe!

“Oh, and before he yells, “Where’s the website link!” it’s

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

Buddy Iahn founded The Music Universe when he decided to juxtapose his love of web design and music. As a lifelong drummer, he decided to take a hiatus from playing music to report it. The website began as a fun project in 2013 to one of the top independent news sites. Email: