New John Denver box set announced for Nov 4th

John Denver’s prolific recording career is paid high tribute on All Of My Memories: The John Denver Collection. This deluxe 90 song, 4 CD box set, representing virtually every one of the studio and live albums he recorded in his lifetime, encom­passes hit singles and signature album tracks, demos, promotional rarities, limited edition and private pressings, and a total of six previously unreleased tracks. The first truly comprehensive over­view of his more than three decades of recording, from 1964 (before his solo career took off) to 1997 (the year of his death), this box set will be available every­where November 4th through RCA/Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

From his start as an itinerant folk-singer in the mid-1960s, John Denver rose to world class status as a multi-platinum selling recording artist and producer, a two-time Grammy Award-winner (and five-time host of the Grammy Awards broadcast), movie actor, television personality, philanthropist, environmental and human rights activist, and much more.

In addition to recapping hit singles, signature album tracks, live performances, folk boom rarities, private pressings tracks, and promotional-only tracks, All Of My Memories: The John Denver Collection also uncovered six previously unissued treasures:

  • Cover versions of “The Road” and “Far Side Of The Hill,” both demos recorded for Capitol Records in Hollywood, 1964, prior to joining the Mitchell Trio;
  • “Rhymes And Reasons,” an original composition cut in early ’69 for Reprise Records, re-done later as the title track of Denver’s RCA debut LP in late-’69;
  • “Spirit,” first recorded on his 1975 Windsong LP, this version later recorded live at the Sydney Opera House in 1977, but not included on the 1999 concert album release;
  • An alternate take of “Eli’s Song” from 1976, with the prophetic lyric, “See the airplane fly, see the trees rush by/ Be brave and strong when you hurt yourself/ Don’t you have a worry in the world…”; and
  • A different version of the evergreen, “It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie,” 1973, whose 1955 hit by Somethin’ Smith And The Redheads was Denver’s mother’s favorite tune, and was famously sung by him on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1972.

In his liner notes for All Of My Memories: The John Denver Collection, G. Brown evokes the memory of fellow singer-songwriter (and folk boom survivor) John Stewart, who told a British journalist in 1971 about his friend: “Watch John Denver. He’s a genius. He’ll defeat all the cynicism in the world because he’s so real. You don’t have to think too much about him—just lie back and let his sunshine wash all over you. And you know you’ll feel real.”

4 CD

CD 1:

1. The Road (1964, previously unissued Capitol Records demo, mono)
2. Far Side Of The Hill (1964, previously unissued Capitol Records demo, mono)
3. The Wagoner Lad (~1966)
4. Darcy Farrow (1966, mono)
5. Babe, I Hate To Go (1966, mono)
6. For Bobbi (by the Mitchell Trio, 1965)
7. The ’68 Nixon (This Year’s Model) (by Denver, Boise & Johnson, 1968)
8. Take Me To Tomorrow (by Denver, Boise & Johnson, 1968)
9. Rhymes And Reasons (1969, previously unissued Reprise Records recording)
10. Circus (1969, A)
11. Catch Another Butterfly (1969, A)
12. Daydream (1969, A)
13. Leaving On A Jet Plane (1969, A)
14. Isabel (1969, B)
15. Anthem – Revelation (1969, B)
16. Aspenglow (1969, B)
17. The Game Is Over (1970, C)
18. My Sweet Lady (1971, D)
19. Around And Around featuring Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert (Fat City) (1971, D)
20. Take Me Home, Country Roads featuring Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert (Fat City) (1971, D)
21. I Guess He’d Rather Be In Colorado (1971, D)
22. All Of My Memories (1971, E)
23. Sunshine On My Shoulders (1974, H)
24. Friends With You (1971, E) •
25. Everyday featuring Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert (Fat City) (1971, E)
26. Blow Up Your TV (Spanish Pipe Dream) (1971, E)
27. Grizzly Bear Song (1974, promotional only)

CD 2:

1. Rocky Mountain High (1972, F)
2. Starwood In Aspen (1971, E)
3. For Baby (For Bobbie) (1972, F)
4. Goodbye Again (1972, F)
5. Prisoners (1972, F)
6. The Eagle And The Hawk (1974, H)
7. Rocky Mountain Suite (Cold Nights In Canada) (1973, G)
8. Berkeley Woman featuring Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert (Fat City) (1973, G)
9. I’d Rather Be A Cowboy (Lady’s Chains) (1973, G)
10. Back Home Again (1974, I)
11. Thank God I’m A Country Boy (LIVE) (1975, J)
12. Grandma’s Feather Bed (LIVE) (1975, J)
13. Matthew (1974, I)
14. Annie’s Song (1974, I)
15. Follow Me (1974, H)
16. Looking For Space (1976, K)
17. Sweet Surrender (1974, I)
18. Windsong (1975, K)
19. Eclipse (1974, I)
20. Poems, Prayers And Promises (1974, H)
21. This Old Guitar (1974, promotional only)

CD 3:

1. Farewell Andromeda (Welcome To My Morning) (1973, G)
2. Calypso (1975, K)
3. Spirit (LIVE) (1977, Sydney Opera House, Australia, previously unissued)
4. Fly Away featuring Olivia Newton-John (1975, K)
5. I’m Sorry (1975, K)
6. Like A Sad Song (1976, M)
7. Come And Let Me Look In Your Eyes (1976, M)
8. Baby, You Look Good To Me Tonight (1976, M)
9. It Makes Me Giggle (1976, M)
10. Eli’s Song (1976, previously unissued alternate take)
11. It Amazes Me (1977, N)
12. I Want To Live (1977, N)
13. In My Heart (1980, P)
14. How Can I Leave You Again (1977, N)
15. It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie (1973, previously unissued version)
16. Druthers (1977, N)
17. Bet On The Blues (1977, N)
18. Downhill Stuff (1979, O)
19. Sweet Melinda (1979, O)
20. The Wrangell Mountain Song (1980, P)
21. Autograph (1980, P)
22. Durango Mountain Caballero (1982, S)
23. The Wings That Fly Us Home (1976, M)

CD 4:

1. Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone) (1981, Q)
2. Dreamland Express (1985, V)
3. Love Again (with Sylvie Vartan) (1984, U)
4. Opposite Tables (1982, R)
5. Flying For Me (1986, W)
6. Perhaps Love (by Placido Domingo and John Denver) (1981, U)
7. Shanghai Breezes (1982, R)
8. The Flower That Shattered The Stone (1990, Z)
9. Let Us Begin (What Are We Making Weapons For) (1986, W)
10. Love Is The Master (1986, W)
11. Wild Montana Skies (with Emmylou Harris) (1983, T)
12. Boy From The Country (LIVE) (1985, DD)
13. Whispering Jesse (1988, X)
14. Eagles And Horses (LIVE) (1995, BB)
15. And So It Goes (with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) (1989, Y)
16. The Foxfire Suite: Spring Is Alive/You Are/Whisper The Wind/Spring Is Alive (Reprise) (LIVE) (1995, EE)
17. Tenderly Calling (1991, AA)
18. On The Atchison, Topeka and The Santa Fe (1997, CC)
19. Medley: Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Happy Trails (with Miss Piggy) (1982, S)

Albums index:

A. Rhymes and Reasons (RCA, 1969)
B. Take Me To Tomorrow (RCA, 1970)
C. Whose Garden Was This (RCA, 1970)
D. Poems, Prayers and Promises (RCA, 1971)
E. Aerie (RCA, 1971)
F. Rocky Mountain High (RCA, 1972)
G. Farewell Andromeda (RCA, 1973)
H. John Denver’s Greatest Hits (RCA, 1973)
I. Back Home Again (RCA, 1974)
J. An Evening with John Denver (RCA, 1975) 2 CDs
K. Windsong (RCA, 1975)
L. Rocky Mountain Christmas (RCA, 1975)
M. Spirit (RCA, 1976)
N. I Want to Live (RCA, 1977)
O. John Denver (RCA, 1979)
P. Autograph (RCA, 1980)
Q. Some Days Are Diamonds (RCA, 1981)
R. Seasons Of the Heart (RCA, 1982)
S. Rocky Mountain Holiday with the Muppets (RCA, 1982)
T. It’s About Time (RCA, 1983)
U. John Denver’s Greatest Hits Vol. 3 (RCA, 1984)
V. Dreamland Express (RCA, 1985)
W. One World (RCA, 1986)
X. Higher Ground (Windstar, 1988)
Y. Will the Circle Be Unbroken Volume Two (MCA, 1989)
Z. The Flower That Shattered The Stone (Windstar, 1990)
AA. Different Directions (Windstar, 1991)
BB. The Wildlife Concert (Legacy, 1995)
CC. All Aboard! (Sony Wonder, 1997)
DD. Unplugged In The U.S.S.R. (AAO Music, 2007)
EE. John Denver In Concert (Windstar, 2007)

Author: Buddy Iahn

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