It was hard to get away (not that you’d want to) from the Monks of Mellonwah in 2013. The Aussie lads made an intentional effort to tease us all by releasing EPs, three all together, with tracks that would eventually make up Turn The People, an excellent album that brings together grunge, rock, pop, and electronica in a way you just haven’t heard before. Thanks for the tease Monks, for what you presented at the end is something that was well worth the wait.

After the brief instrumental “Ghost Stories Intro” The Monks go right to it with the slow and dark track “Ghost Stories.” “Vanity” speeds things up, and you really hear the excellent production craftiness that went into making the track. On “Tear You Hate Apart” the band slows it down a bit again but it’s the first of many where the rock meets electronica synthesizers come together, the result being one of the strongest tracks on the whole album.

Once “Alive For A Minute” pops up, the rest of the album really begins to pick up, the dark, emo-ish lyrics on the previous tracks being toned down for a much brighter outlook. “Escaping Alcatraz” perfectly picks up where “Alive . . .” leaves off, with much sleeker guitar riffs, and more pounding drum work. You then feel you’ve traveled back in time with the 90’s alt inspired “Sailing Stones.” “Afraid To Die” needs a bit to get into but once the music and vocals start to mesh in a pounding fury, things will begin to sound good. Pump the volume up several decibels once “Downfall” begins to play as it’s the most infectious and best track on Turn The People, with its speed metal-inspired guitar riff combine with even more pounding drum work to go along with it.

In the end, the Monks close the way they began with a dark, more spiritual-inspired number called “Sky And The Dark Night” which doesn’t sound the least bit out of place. All 13 tracks have their own mood, genre-specific inspirations but still come together to build a fantastic album. Turn The People is a very solid effort!