New Richie Sambora solo single drifts further away from rock

This week, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora released a new solo single, “Come Back As Me,” on YouTube. While still obviously absent from his band’s world tour, the axe man is clearly staying busy doing his own thing. And, if you’re expecting something rocking, you’ll be very disappointed.

“Come Back To Me” is the furthest thing from rock and roll Sambora could get. It starts off with a heavy guitar riff full of effects reminiscent to current U2, but goes the hip hop route when the programmed drums enter. The best thing about this track is Sambora’s voice. If anyone ever doubted Sambora’s vocal abilities, and I don’t know one person who has, they will be reassured that he has vocal chops.

The track is not available on Sambora’s latest disc, Aftermath of the Lowdown, but after listening to the lyrics, one may wonder if the song was newly recorded as a message to Jon Bon Jovi for the feud between the two

What do you want me to say?
I gave you everything I could give
But everything just wasn’t enough
So I just let live and live

“Come Back To Me” is the furthest thing from rock and roll Sambora could get.

I’m very disappointed in the single as Sambora and Bon Jovi have both sold out to the new style of music. This drum machine manufactured crap needs to be stopped and reverted to real rock and roll!  It’s no secret of how much of a Bon Jovi fan I am, even the solo work of JBJ and Sambora, but they have drifted so far away from the ’80s and ’90s sound that have defined my generation, it’s sickening. I know they’re wanting to cater to the hipper, younger crowd that likes this manufactured, computer generated junk, but by taking a stand and staying true to who they are, would be more respectful, and better on the ears.

Also, don’t expect to read any negative comments for the song on YouTube. The owner of the video, torneye, must approve comments, but only approves positive ones like, “And this is why Mr. Sambora is a rock god” and “great song …keep bringing us quality music Richie” — very disturbing for the current state of music.

Not one negative comment can be found under the video. To test this, I posted something similar to the preceding paragraph last night, and it was not approved, but many others were, all being positive.

Listen for yourself and post any negative (and positive) comments here. No approval needed, and I can take the criticism for those who feel like they need to attack me for the negative review.

Rating: 1/5

Author: Buddy Iahn

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