The launch is the end of a trilogy of new satellites

SiriusXM has a new satellite in orbit and is now ready for service. Sirius FM-6 is the latest in a fleet of satellites that the sat rad broadcasters have sent into orbit since its first broadcast in the late 90’s.

The satellite was launched into orbit on October 25th and will be hovering over the western part of the US to specifically operate for North America. It’s a high-powered 20 kilowatt satellite that completes the SiriusXM second generation fleet of satellites.

Robert Briskman, co-founder and technical executive at SiriusXM, states the satellite brings new-found reliability and longevity to the company and its customers.

“Sirius FM-6 will help ensure continuous and reliable delivery of service and will benefit current and future SiriusXM subscribers across North America,” he says.

Rey Duarte is the Senior Director of Satellite Engineering at SiriusXM and elaborates, “Sirius FM-6 is the end of a trilogy. It’s the third and final spacecraft in a series of three built by SSL (Space Systems/Loral) starting in 2006 to compliment the existing SiriusXM fleet. FM-6 will provide a long-term stability for SiriusXM while also offering an increase of availability to customers everywhere.”

In laymen’s terms, that means you will have less interruptions when you’re listening to Jim Ladd, Eddie Trunk, Storme Warren, Howard Stern and all of your other favorite sat rad jocks!