Nine Inch Nails return to industrial with ‘Add Violence’ EP

The album is available on CD and LP

Continuing their slate of releases that began in 2016 with Not the Actual Events, Nine Inch Nails’ have released the much more sensual, experimental Add Violence, the second of a planned three EP album release. For Add Violence, longtime fans of Nine Inch Nails can expect a return to their heavy industrial sound days, going as far back to Pretty Hate Machine—an album with a bit bleakness, heavy synths and percussion.

A much more addictive album, while a step up from Not the Actual Events, Add Violence does lack the explosiveness of the first EP. Still, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross deliver nicely produced, powerful, raw tracks.

“Less Than”, the lead single, is a solid, catchy opener that then leads you the trippy “The Lovers”. The buildup intensifies with the wonderful “This Isn’t the Place” and “Not Anymore”. To close Add Violence out, the EP ends with the angst-themed, 12-minute opus “The Background World” that will take listeners back to Nine Inch Nail’s early day, circa 1990.

Add Violence won’t disappoint hardcore NIN fans, that’s for sure. With the collaboration of Reznor and Ross, we can expect more remarkable things from them to round out the trilogy.

Rob Perez
Rob Perez

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