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Israel born and LA based heavy rock artist OHP (Oren Halmut) digs into country history with his newest #metalcover for the 1973 Dolly Parton hit classic, “Jolene.” Swapping out the delicate guitar notes and poignant longing with brutal electric riffs and roaring vocals, “Jolene” is a modern update that re-interprets the Grammy Winning single for a modern metal audience.

“Lets add some metal to this country classic,” OHP shares.

The country queen released “Jolene” as the first single and title track from the album of the same name in October 1973. The lyrics were inspired after a red-headed bank clerk flirted with Parton’s newly minted husband. The White Stripes, Olivia Newton-John and Lil Nas X are among the other artists to have covered the track over the years.

Halmut started his musical endeavor at the young age of nine in Tel-Aviv Israel. After playing and recording with numerous artists in his home town, he relocated to California in early 2000. Since then, he has been a prominent musical figure in Los Angeles, across the west coast and the nation. He owns H2O studios in North Hollywood, where he works as a producer, drummer and guitar player depending on the needs of each individual project. In 2016 Halmut started the “OHP metal” channel on YoUTube which features weekly metal covers of popular songs ranging from pop, country, hip hop and R&B .The channel has gained over 10000 subscribers and growing weekly.