Pet Shop Boys will release the third set of albums in their definitive Catalogue: 1985-2012 series of reissues of all their Parlophone studio albums. This third set sees the PSB albums Please from 1986, Actually from 1987 and 1988’s Introspective, and will be reissued on March 2nd. The albums have been remastered and repackaged, and will be accompanied by “further listening” albums of master quality bonus tracks – including demos, extended mixes and remixes of tracks from the albums and others created in the same period as each record.

The three albums will be packaged with an extensive booklet in which Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe discuss each song, illustrated with many archive photographs. The entire project is designed by Farrow.

Please was the debut album by Pet Shop Boys and produced by Stephen Hague. Released in March 1986, the album hit Billboard’s Top Ten, was certified Platinum, and has sold over three million copies worldwide. Comprising of ten tracks in its original release, the album’s track listing includes the duo’s debut single “West End Girls” – PSB’s first number one single in the USA. Singles “Love Comes Quickly,” “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money)” and “Suburbia” are also featured on Please. The Catalogue: 1985-2012 reissue of the album features a remastered and repackaged vinyl and double CD, featuring 7″ and 12″ mixes and remixes of tracks from Please and the album’s period.

In 1987, Pet Shop Boys released their second album Actually. The album was produced by Julian Mendelsohn, Stephen Hague, Shep Pettibone, Andy Richards and Pet Shop Boys. This period saw Pet Shop Boys reach new critical and commercial heights and included singles, “It’s A Sin,” “Always On My Mind And Heart,” and “What Have I Done To Deserve This,” their single featuring Dusty Springfield which climbed to number two on the US singles chart. The Catalogue: 1985-2012 reissue of Actually includes the remastered original album, with the 2 CD version featuring bonus material including the Shep Pettibone mix of “Heart,” and demo versions and alternative mixes of tracks including “One More Chance” and “Always On My Mind.”

Also remastered, repackaged and re-issued as part of the Catalogue: 1985-2012 is Pet Shop Boys’ 1988 release Introspective. This album has sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide to date and was the first to feature production by Trevor Horn, whose lavish orchestrations marked a new sonic direction for PSB. House music legend Frankie Knuckles created the mix of “I Want A Dog,” while “Domino Dancing” was recorded in Miami with hit producer Lewis Martinée. Introspective also saw Pet Shop Boys introduce a new approach to the format of an album and its respective singles: each of the six tracks on the album’s original track-listing is over six minutes in length, and they were later edited to fit the more traditional format of a seven-inch single. The Catalogue: 1985-2012 reissue features, along with the newly-remastered original album, bonus material such as demo versions of “Don Juan” and “Domino Dancing,” seven-inch and disco mixes of “Losing My Mind” and “Left To My Own Devices.”

The Catalogue: 1985-2012 reissue series began earlier this year on July 28th with the release of Nightlife, Release, and Fundamental, followed by reissues of Yes and Elysium, which were released on October 20th. The series will continue until all PSB Parlophone albums have been released with “further listening” albums:

Behaviour/Further listening: 1990-1991
Very/Further listening: 1992-1994
Bilingual/Further listening: 1995-1997

The reissues of Please, Actually, Introspective, Behaviour, Very, and Bilingual were originally released with bonus “further listening” albums in 2001 and are being newly remastered with their original track-listings for these projects.

Please/Further Listening: 1984-1986 – 2 CD | LP

CD 1:

1. Two Divided By Zero 2. West End Girls 3. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) 4. Love Comes Quickly 5. Suburbia 6. Opportunities (Reprise) 7. Tonight Is Forever 8. Violence 9. I Want A Lover 10. Later Tonight 11. Why Don’t We Live Together?

CD 2:

1. A Man Could Get Arrested (Twelve-Inch B-Side) 2. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) (Full Length Original Seven-Inch Mix) 3. In The Night 4. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) (Twelve-Inch Mix) 5. Why Don’t We Live Together? (Original New York Mix) 6. West End Girls (Dance Mix) 7. A Man Could Get Arrested (Seven-Inch B-Side) 8. Love Comes Quickly (Dance Mix) 9. That’s My Impression (Disco Mix) 10. Was That What It Was? 11. Suburbia (The Full Horror) 12. Jack The Lad 13. Paninaro (Italian Remix)

Actually/Further Listening: 1987-19882 CD | LP

CD 1:

1. One More Chance 2. What Have I Done To Deserve This? (with Dusty Springfield) 3. Shopping 4. Rent 5. Hit Music 6. It Couldn’t Happen Here 7. It’s A Sin 8. I Want To Wake Up 9. Heart 10. King’s Cross

CD 2:

1. I Want To Wake Up (Breakdown Mix) 2. Heart (Shep Pettibone Version) 3. You Know Where You Went Wrong 4. One More Chance (Seven-Inch Mix) 5. It’s A Sin (Disco Mix) 6. What Have I Done To Deserve This? (with Dusty Springfield) [extended mix] 7. Heart (Disco Mix) 8. A New Life 9. Always On My Mind (Demo Version) 10. Rent (Seven-Inch Mix) 11. I Want A Dog 12. Always On My Mind (Extended Dance Mix) 13. Do I Have To? 14. Always On My Mind (Dub Mix)

Introspective/Further Listening: 1988-19892 CD | LP

CD 1:

1. Left To My Own Devices 2. I Want A Dog 3. Domino Dancing 4. I’m Not Scared 5. Always On My Mind/In My House 6. It’s Alright

CD 2:

1. I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too) 2. Don Juan (Demo Version) 3. Domino Dancing (Demo Version) 4. Domino Dancing (Alternative Version) 5. The Sound Of The Atom Splitting 6. What Keeps Mankind Alive? 7. Don Juan (Disco Mix) 8. Losing My Mind (Disco Mix) 9. Nothing Has Been Proved (Demo For Dusty) 10. So Sorry, I Said (Demo For Liza) 11. Left To My Own Devices (Seven-Inch Mix) 12. It’s Alright (Ten-Inch Version) 13. One Of The Crowd 14. It’s Alright (Seven-Inch Version) 15. Your Funny Uncle