Photo of rumored U2 album title, track listing leaked

A photo circulating the web this week revealing what appears to be the next U2 album title and track listing has fans and skeptics on edge (no pun intended). The image was first seen on July 1st on Photobucket, but has since been removed. However, many other sites have shared the image, including the forum on the fan site, @U2.

The image (seen below) was apparently shared by someone named Paul S in what many are claiming to be a Photoshopped image depicting the album title as “MANhattan” and an 11 song track list.

U2 - MANhattan

Many fans believe the image is a fake because the word “U2” is too close to the top of the page and the track listing font doesn’t match the rest of it, while many are speaking against the title “MANhattan” being spelled that way. Others claim some of the song titles are abbreviated which wouldn’t happen with the real listing. Also, the band’s U.S. label, Interscope Records and it’s parent company Universal Music, are not listed at the bottom of the page next to their U.K. counterparts, Mercury and Island. U2 were on Island Records in the U.S. until 2000’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind when they moved to Interscope.

If you look closely at the catalog number, it appears the disc that seems to have been included with this one sheet is a CD-R which also leaves the validity of this photo even more questionable.

On June 3rd, we reported the band was wrapping up work mixing their album with Danger Mouse at Electric Lady Studios in New York City where members of the band had been spotted inside and out of the studio.

@U2 reports that a day earlier on June 2nd, crew members were spotted packing up guitarist The Edge’s gear and moving it out of the studio. It has been believed that the band were not tracking any music, but just mixing the final product. However, the band took time out from inside the studio to shoot a video of an acoustic version of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” on the studio roof for Inside Out, a global art project transforming messages of personal identity into works of art, among other smaller performances.

In January, drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. stated the band expects to release the CD in September while in March, bassist Adam Clayton gave a September, October, November time frame.

More details as we get them.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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