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Queen’s ‘Dragon Attack’ live is sweaty, sultry, brilliant

The rhythm and groove are important

Always one of the funkier songs from The Game, when played live — here, in 1982 — Queen’s song “Dragon Attack” became a different beast altogether — a sweaty and sultry one — as Freddie Mercury slinked across the stage like a snake, begging the audience to sample the band’s rock and roll apple.

The Brian May-penned song is deceptively simple, mostly built around a single riff/bass line, and with lyrics that are pretty non-sensical: what exactly does “take me to the room where the green’s all green / and from what I’ve seen / it’s hot, it’s mean” exactly mean?

With “Dragon Attack,” though, lyrics are ultimately unimportant. All that matters is the great groove the rhythm section of Roger Taylor and John Deacon get locked into, allowing guitar maestro Brian May to play a number of variations on the theme of the song’s riff during his solos.

Classic Queen for certain.

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