Ready Never ‘Eleutherophobia’ full of musical chops

These days, electronic music is usually a bunch of DJs pressing buttons on a laptop with a pretty elaborate background just put there as a distraction so the audience feels its paying to see something. If you have their attention then the audience should be dancing. Otherwise just standing behind a turntable isn’t going to cut it. Ready Never’s debut album Eleutherophobia will not only grab your attention but will also get you to dance. Plus these guys are more than just button pushers; they actually include real instruments into their sets which tells you that Ready Never are an electronic duo with real musical chops and an album full of really good tracks.

Although they may be serious musicians they don’t take themselves seriously on Eleutherophobia, a spacey futuristic electronic dance music (EDM) album that was made specifically for the party circuit. Here they deliver ten solid dance jams and while EDM isn’t everyone’s bag, Eleutherophobia will definitely get you on your feet.

Nicely crafted mixed tunes, the production on Eleutherophobia is just as solid. Songwriting-wise, EDM isn’t noted for its lyrics but it would be unfair to say these songs have any less passion than their singer/songwriter counterparts—there’s plenty of passion and soul coming from their vocals. Besides, EDM is meant to party and Ready Never really succeeds here.

“Assistant Press Play” stands out as their lead-off anthem while “Be My Lover” is another rich sounding track that will instantly take a hold on listeners. “Casualties” has a sort of carnival feel, while the title track “Eleutherophobia” is a deep bass 70’s disco instrumental tune that is literally coming from out of this world. “Me Myself and I” is just the right tune to make pop radio playlists with its Latin-inspired tropical beats and being one of the two most lyrically heavy tracks on the album: “I feel the rhythm is more than higher. I feel the rhythm when I’m on fire, one more day. It’s me myself and I.”

The following track, “My Eye Know Might” raises the bar on EDM lyrics, proving you can have excellent meaningful lyrics that fit perfectly with electronic beats.

The standout here is the catchy fun, tongue in cheeky single “Take That Pill” which is obvious as to what the drug of choice is to get you going when you’re partying too hard and don’t want to stop. “I take one as I’m getting tired. And one when I get way too wired. And now I’m feeling I’m on fire. . . I put my hands up in the air to the night stars. Nothing can stop me. Oooh ooh ooh ooh, take a pill, take a pill.”

EDM will never be everyone’s musical taste but if you love to party, dance or just want to listen to something that will definitely make you feel good at the moment, you really can’t go wrong with Ready Never’s Eleutherophobia.


Author: Rob Perez

Rob Perez is a freelance writer who has been with The Music Universe early on. As a Correspondent for The Music Universe, you will find him writing reviews and live tweeting awards shows.