Reba puts new spin on familiar hits with ‘Revived Remixed Revisited’

New triple album project arrives Oct 8th

Life is wonderful and Reba makes it even more pleasant with her new triple disc box set Revived Remixed Revisited. My favorite redhead puts a new spin on familiar hits that are sure to please her fan base and attract some new ones as the album hits stores and digital outlets on October 8th via MCA Nashville.

Reba began teasing that she was re-recording some hits over the past year. However, fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that she supersized the effort with a combination of re-recordings and remixes, instead of releasing what many had thought would be two separate albums of re-recordings.

The 3 CD and 3 LP (the latter due in November due to backlogged pressing plants) set is a reimagined collection of some of Reba’s most adored songs. Revived features some of her biggest hits as they’ve evolved over the years in her live show with all new arrangements of fan favorites like “Is There Life Out There” and “Can’t Even Get The Blues No More” recorded with Reba’s touring band. Remixed puts a whole new spin on songs including “Little Rock” and “I’m A Survivor.” Disc three has her teaming with Dave Cobb for Revisited featuring stripped back versions of songs like like “Somebody Should Leave, “Consider Me Gone” and others.

Revived is my favorite disc of the set. She really brings the ten tracks to life more than ever before. They’re lively and really do make you feel like you’re listening to her in concert. The tracks flow like a set list and gets me energized to see her live again (which I’ll be doing when I see two of her final residency shows with Brooks & Dunn in Las Vegas in December). While I don’t want to spoil any surprises, some songs are more similar to its live companion than others.

Revisited is more of a re-imagination with stripped down acoustic versions of ten hits. Reba teamed with Dave Cobb for this set of tracks. Cobb, who’s worked with Chris Stapleton and The Highwomen, to name a few, is known for his simplistic production style and really showcases Reba’s iconic voice with the stripped down instrumentation. The pair peel back the layers for a more soulful performance.

Revisited is the disc where the long awaited Dolly Parton duet appears with “Does He Love You.” Again, no spoilers, but if you’re hoping for a replica of the 1993 original with Linda Davis, you’d be greatly disappointed (although I don’t know how anyone could be disappointed with this pairing). This fresh take on the No. 1 hit is out of this world in ways only these two country superstars can take it. It’s very much Reba and very much Dolly.

Remixed is exactly what the title says: ten songs remixed. It’s not my favorite only because I’m not much into EDM, but I do appreciate Reba embracing the idea of turning ballads into dance floor anthems. She enlisted seven different producers to give their interpretation of ten of her hits. Some are completely unrecognizable, but that’s what makes it fun. “Why Haven’t I Heard From You” is the standout on this disc, which will also find “Does He Love You,” “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia,” and others.

With three different versions already ordered (CD, clear vinyl and digital), Revised Remixed Revisited will fit nicely on my shelf with all of the other box sets I’ve run out of room to store. It probably doesn’t help that I buy multiple copies of her physical releases, but I can’t help myself.

Reba credits her label for this project as she’s been looking forward to releasing new music and not revisiting the old, despite a few reissues (Read My Mind: 25th Anniversary Edition, Rumor Has It: 30th Anniversary Edition and For My Broken Heart: 30th Anniversary Edition) over the past few years. This collection is made up of songs that date back to 1982.

The set’s uniqueness proves Reba’s timeless hits and iconic voice are still a driving force in country music. It’s just ashamed you can’t “Turn On The Radio” and hear her voice hardly anymore unless it’s on demand.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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