Record Store Day (RSD) is not “about to go weekly” with Vinyl Tuesday, contrary to reports stating that the organization will begin supporting “limited edition exclusives” on a weekly basis. Instead, RSD organizers will continue to promote and support independent record stores by encouraging vinyl releases to continue on Tuesday, when possible, instead of the new Friday global release date, set to take affect this July.

“Vinyl Tuesday is a way for us to encourage artists, labels, distributors and managers to continue to release physical music on Tuesdays when they can,” organizes said in a statement. “This allows physical retailers to have something fresh to sell and to talk about during the week, and let’s those releases not just get lost on the increasingly crowded Friday/weekend.”

The Department of Record Stores, American Association of Independent Music and RSD officials claim that “Friday is the wrong day” for new music releases and that Vinyl Tuesday is just part of their ongoing efforts to support indie retailers.

“We are not planning on having limited edition exclusives created every Tuesday.”

“We are not planning on having limited edition exclusives created every Tuesday. We are working to have titles continue to be released on Tuesday when they can be,” organizers state. “One Vinyl Tuesday may see a reissue that was already in the works being given a Tuesday street date. An album whose CD component has already come out might see its vinyl coming on a Vinyl Tuesday. There will be some indie exclusive titles, of course, because those already exist throughout the year, but a lot of Vinyl Tuesday releases will be given a Tuesday street date at all retailers who sell physical media. Every Vinyl Tuesday will be different, will be made up of different kinds of physical releases. What they’ll have in common is the day of the week.”

Confusion about Vinyl Tuesday began when it was reported that physical music lovers would see “catalog releases, commercial and promotional releases, releases made specifically for the Record Store Day indie community, vinyl editions of albums that were previously released on CD and digitally, and exclusive vinyl releases that drop before their digital editions” on a weekly basis.

Record Store Day, which has contributed to a vinyl resurgence over the past seven years among music enthusiasts, is always the third Saturday in April. Organizers guarantee that it “is and will remain a special celebration of the independent record store, with limited edition, exclusive releases on vinyl, CD and other formats as one part of that party.”