Red Hot Chili Peppers announce 2022 global stadium tour

Further details to be unveiled

Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced that they’re embarking on a global stadium tour in 2022 with Live Nation producing. With guitarist and all around cosmic musician John Frusciante back in the fold, the boys are firing on all cylinders, their hearts are full and they’re fixing to unleash an infinite river of creativity, and rock your world.

All the tour dates, sales information, support acts and other factoids will be available shortly.

The band broke the news via a “breaking news” spoof that can be seen below, and shares the trek will start in June with American dates in July.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been around, and have not just fallen off the turnip truck, but to a man, they have never been more thrilled, bursting with commitment and purpose, as they are regarding this upcoming tour. They have no interest in resting on past accolades, awards or commercial success, this is a mission, they intend to channel the most mighty spirits, and give everything they’ve got.

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