The Replacements are known for many things, mostly their great songs, legendary alcohol intake, and being one of the rock and roll bands of the 1980s. Now, they will also be known for their charitable nature. The band, which broke up in 1991, recently reunited to record a four song EP entitled Songs for Slim to raise money for the band’s former lead-guitarist Slim Dunlap, who suffered a stroke in 2012.

“Reunited” is perhaps a loose term as only singer/guitarist Paul Westerberg and bassist Tommy Stinson participated, but they are arguably the two members most central to the band’s legacy. Former drummer Chris Mars is contributing a track on his own to benefit Dunlap.

The EP was limited to 250 copies which were auctioned off and — to the surprise of the band — $105,743.42 was raised to help pay for Dunlap’s medical treatment.

In addition to the EP, the band has not ruled out future shows or other recordings. “It’s possible,” Westerberg told Rolling Stone. “After playing with Tommy last week, I was thinking, ‘All right, let’s crank it up and knock out a record like this.’ I’m closer to it now than I was two years ago, let’s say that.”

The five songs on the Songs for Slim EP are “Busted Up,” “Everything’s Coming Up Roses,” “I’m Not Sayin’,” and “Lost Highway,” and “Radio Hook World Hit.”