The band is filming the video at Santa Monica Airport

Reports late Friday indicate that U2 has been filming a video at Santa Monica Airport this week that will be used for a Super Bowl ad to announce their new album.

@U2 reports that the foursome has been setup at Barker Hanger all week, performing live, like a concert, including one new song from the album which will be included in a Super Bowl commercial on February 2nd.

The concert-like portions of the shoot seem to have lasted a couple of days while the band shot interviews with an in room audience through late Friday.

Sirius XM satellite radio stations reported on Friday that U2 will premiere a new song in a Super Bowl ad and that the commercial will announce the release date.

In November, we reported that the band was shopping for brand partners to announce the project via a Super Bowl commercial, although no specifics were given. However, we are unable to confirm if that has happened as of press time.

The band is expected to release the album in March or April. While we’re not sure the validity of the source, one fan tweeted that the album is rumored to be titled Donkey Punch.

There have been numerous tweets about the shoot including at least one photo that we saw of an empty stage and seating inside the hanger, but it appears U2’s management company and/or record label has had this particular tweet removed, among many others.

One fan posted a video late Friday from her backyard of what sounds like a new song at the video shoot. The audio was recorded from a distance, but you can hear the melody pretty well. Enjoy it while you can before it’s removed.