Report: U2 to play significant role in Apple event on Sept 9th

The New York Times (NYT) is reporting that U2 will play a “significant role” in Tuesday’s (Sept 9th) big Apple event in Cupertino, CA.

As the company is expected to announce its latest line of products, including the much anticipated iPhone 6 and maybe even the long-awaited iWatch, rumors have been circulating that U2, which has a decade long history with the tech giant, is expected to perform and reveal “an integration with Apple’s products that is connected to its next album.”

The NYT states that several people, who spoke anonymously, claim the band’s appearance and deal with Apple are supposed to be a surprise. They also claim the band’s unreleased 13th studio album, which has undergone several delays, is also expected to be released by the end of the year.

Last week, speculation grew about the band’s involvement with Apple as rumors began circulating that the iPhone 6 would come pre-loaded with the new album. Also, speculation that U2 was filming a commercial in Dublin last month starring the new device was confirmed by the Sunday Times.

“Dublin city council has confirmed that the Samuel Beckett [B]ridge was closed to the public last weekend for a U2 video shoot,” the article states.

“A senior official at the council said the bridge was inaccessible for almost all of last Sunday to enable filming on a ‘U2 project’ but members of the rock group were not present.”

The band’s label and representatives have been sending mixed messages that the band has any involvement with the iPhone launch.

The Irish Independent reported last week that a “spokeswoman for the band said Bono and co have not struck a deal with Apple to release their upcoming album on its next [iPhone].” The rep also stated that band are “not releasing their album on the iPhone, and they are not performing at the IPhone launch.” The article was later removed, causing more confusion about the impending announcement.

These rumors were squashed even after a local resident claims that “a sound stage going up for a rock concert” has been assembled behind the Flint Center in Cupertino, where Apple will make the unveil.

U2 first started their collaboration with Apple in 2004 when the tech company launched a special model of the iPod that came pre-loaded with extensive interviews and music by the band. U2 were also featured in an iPod commercial and their single “Vertigo” was launched exclusively on iTunes at the time. In February 2014, the band offered “Invisible” as a free download on iTunes during Super Bowl XLVIII which went on to raise more than $2 million for Bono’s (RED) campaign. U2’s relationship with Apple has grown as Apple announced that it acquired Beats, run by Interscope Records founder Jimmy Iovine, who has also produced two U2 albums, for $3 billion this summer.

The Apple event will be streamed live beginning at 10 am PT on Tuesday, September 9th.


Author: Buddy Iahn

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