Richard Ashcroft returns with ‘These People’

The man dubbed one of the coolest men in rock, Richard Ashcroft takes a leave of his six-year hiatus with the release of These People. While his last album The United Nations of Sound had its share of hits and mostly misses, These People definitely cater to his core fans that were disappointed in his last effort by giving them an album with music as cool as its frontman.

It’s a very modern sounding album dealing with modern events and some introspection. Ashcroft fans hoping to hear a much more progressive, rock sounding album might be disappointed but this is really a standout album with hardly any filler, nor does it drag. These People features ten solid cuts that will definitely make time listening to it fly.

For those wanting to hear a typical Richard Ashcroft cut, “They Don’t Own Me” which brings back an old Verve bandmate to contribute on guitar. “Out Of Body” “This Is How It Feels” and “Everybody Needs Somebody to Hurt” are much more modern sounding electronic tracks which kind of makes you think if Ashcroft is trying to cater to younger fans or hoping if his older ones will accept this. Our answer, accept it. They’re much too good to overlook.

Despite some dark moments, “Songs of Experience” will definitely bring you back up and is a nice way to finish this amazing piece of work. Don’t be put off with Ashcroft heading in new directions. The mix of older sounding tracks along with the new stuff, we promise you is worth listening to. These People can easily be placed among the best stuff Ashcroft has done.


Author: Rob Perez

Rob Perez is a freelance writer who has been with The Music Universe early on. As a Correspondent for The Music Universe, you will find him writing reviews and live tweeting awards shows.