Richie Sambora ‘never say never’ on Bon Jovi return

Richie Sambora isn’t dismissing a return to Bon Jovi in the future, but just don’t look for it anytime soon. The guitarist spoke with Australia’s before an upcoming trek Down Under with girlfriend and guitarist Orianthi. He says that he and frontman Jon Bon Jovi (JBJ) are speaking again.

“We just talked a week ago. Everything is cool. They’re on a different trajectory, I’m on a different path. Plus I wanted to go out and sing,” he states.

“Never say never. There’s no malice. People propagate a story that there’s problems. No,” he continues. “You spend 30 something years in a band. That’s a long time. Not a lot of bands had that kind of longevity. We weren’t a band who took any breaks. The Rolling Stones or U2 will take three years off so they have a life, we didn’t really do that ever. The 30 years we put in probably felt like 50 years.”

Sambora and Orianthi are prepping the release of their first album together, called RSO. The pair have nearly two dozen songs they’re working on and plan to get some music online before the tour starts next week.

“Never say never. There’s no malice. People propagate a story that there’s problems. No.”

“We have 22 songs recorded and finished. How do you break that up? We had a great time making this record. Bob Rock produced it. There could be two albums. We’re not sure how it’s all going to come out yet,” Sambora states.

“We’re hoping to get some stuff on Spotify before the Australian shows,” Orianthi quips. “We’ve been working for about two years on this album. We’ve taken time to make this record, it was important to make it the best it can be. You can rush a record through in a month but it’ll be quite generic. We wanted to take time to make it perfect and artistic and mold a sound.”

In August, Sambora congratulated his former colleagues for new single “This House Is Not For Sale” on Twitter.

“Congrats to all the guys on the new single! @BonJovi.”

JBJ responded, “@TheRealSambora thanks Richie and Orianthi . Look forward to hearing your record too…all the best, JBJ.”

Bon Jovi will release This House Is Not For Sale on October 21st via Island Records with guitarist Phil X. Standard and Deluxe versions are available as well as a Target Exclusive with three additional tracks. No word on when RSO will be released.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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