Richie Sambora reportedly fired from Bon Jovi tour

The fued between Jon Bon Jovi and Sambora seems to have escaladed

Bon Jovi fans expecting to see guitarist Richie Sambora on stage for the final leg of the band’s Because We Can Tour may be very disappointed when it resumes in the States in October. The latest rumors indicate Sambora has been fired from the tour.

Rumor Fix is reporting that sources close to the band indicate the firing all over money, something we reported was possible earlier this year after Sambora left the tour abruptly the day of a show.

Sambora has been a member of Bon Jovi for 30 years and was reportedly making $2 million a month and 20 percent of the merchandise and profits from each show. However, his replacement, Phil X, is making significantly less at $10,000 a month.

Despite his absence, Sambora will still earn royalty checks from co-writing most of the songs and for his likeness appearing on merchandise.

While Sambora has spoken very little about his absence, reports also indicate that he sent singer and namesake Jon Bon Jovi an email in June saying “Hire the Edge” after JBJ stated to the UK’s The Standard that Sambora was replaceable. All the while, JBJ has publicly denied that there has been any fight between he and Sambora on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in April and speaking to the Detroit Free Press last month.

Sambora has been staying busy by spending time with his family and focusing on his clothing line and solo career. The axe man released “Come Back As Me” earlier this month in what we indicate could be a shot at the feud he has with Jon Bon Jovi. However, staying classy, Sambora has indicated the track has nothing to do with JBJ.

We will pass along any other information as it becomes available.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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