Robbie Williams wins five year battle with Jimmy Page

Williams wins a bid to construct an underground pool next to Page’s mansion

Robbie Williams has won a five year battle over plans for an underground pool with neighbor Jimmy Page. The West London residents have been feuding since 2013 over Williams’ plans to construct an underground pool, as well as other alterations, but that seems to be ending.

The Led Zeppelin guitarist fears the construction on the pool would be “catastrophic” for his Tower House mansion next door that could cause “vibrations and possible structural” damage to the historic property. Page wrote a strongly written letter to the Kensington and Chelsea City Council four years ago, stating he is also against Williams’ plans to knock down part of the home’s boundary wall to allow access to a planned garden car park.

Representatives for Williams previously said any construction work would fall within stringent regulations and any effects on surrounding properties would be “negligible.” Workers would only be accessible Monday-Friday from 8 am-6 pm and Saturday from 8 am-1 pm with no work being performed on Sundays or bank holidays.

The BBC reports that the Kensington and Chelsea Council planning committee granted approval for Williams’ plans on Tuesday (Dec 18th). However, work won’t begin until councilors receive reassurance about monitoring vibration levels and ground movement. They may also ask Williams for a bond, but could revoke it if the conditions are breached or if any damage is caused.

Planning committee chairman councilor Quentin Marshall suggests the pair “find a way to talk” about their issues.

“It seems they are not that far apart. It’s slightly frustrating,” Marshall states. “I know the two principals are very busy, but surely they can find a way to talk, which might lock many of the problems.”

Page, who has owned Tower House since 1972, is open to meeting will Williams to discuss his plans.

“From Jimmy’s point of view he will be reassured that the committee of councillors are taking the protection of the house seriously,” a Page spokesperson suggested after the meeting. “He wants Robbie to come back with proposals that eliminate all risk to the Tower House.”

Williams’ bought the 46 room property for £17 million ($25,909,275 US) in 2013 from late film director Michael Winner. Page considers his home one of the most important properties in the Holland Park borough.

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