When you’ve opened for the Godfather of Soul James Brown and the music community compares your work to Curtis Mayfield, cool barely begins to describe you. But on Shining On, the debut collaborative album from Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy, you feel as though you traveled through a time machine to the days when funk ruled the radio airwaves.

After giving the opening track “Shining On” a listen, a track with a bit of an injection of Pink Floyd but with classic soul written all over it, “Seems Like Yesterday” combines old school hip-hop record scratching with more contemporary funk. “Light Me Up” is where you feel the James Brown influence, a take charge anthem that will get you moving. “A Day In San Francisco” is one of those gems you discover on the B side of most early soul 45 RPMs that may have been filler but is just as strong a track as any of the other songs. A track with few words but with music that is so sweet it will stick with you for a while.

For anyone that wants just a taste of how good funk and soul can be, Ron Littlejohn & The Funk Embassy accomplishes that and a whole lot more.