Sammy Hagar: ‘The drive-in movie theater thing, that didn’t appeal to me’

Hagar shares thoughts on socially distant shows

Fans of Sammy Hagar who are eager to see the Red Rocker on stage shouldn’t expect it until mass gatherings are safe once again. In a new interview with, Hagar says that drive in movie theater shows and socially distant concerts don’t appeal to him, despite a one-off at Catalina Island with fans on boats for his annual birthday bash late last year.

“The agency is trying to find ways to do it. The drive in movie theater thing, that didn’t appeal to me. I couldn’t do it. My fans are crazy,” he says. “You know, getting creative with it, I don’t like creative with trying to do a concert, I’m sorry. I don’t want to do them from my home. The little things we did were fun. The Lockdown Sessions we did some great, creative things, it was great, but it was fun for me. But I have my fun by walking out on stage for two hours and playing the music and entertaining and talking to the folks and getting the feedback. There’s nothing that will ever replace that, and I need it and I want it, and my fans need it and they want it. We got to have it, so we gotta get back to it.”

He says he’s been offered to play shows that would allow half capacity, but he knows his fans will not stay socially distant once the show begins.

“I don’t want to play to a half of house, because I’ve been offered, say, ‘Okay, you can play in some states, but if it holds 10 [thousand], you can only play for five [thousand]. I don’t care about playing for five [thousand], I can play for 500. I don’t mind that all. I just know that those five thousand people are not going to stay in their seats and socially distance. The second we get it on and I start saying, ‘Can I get a witness? Are we having any fun yet?’ and holdin’ the mic up, and you know, [singing] ‘Right now…’ they’re gonna be at the front of the stage, all un socially distance and everybody’s — it’s gonna get criticized and I’m gonna get sued or fined or something, so it’s a bummer.”

Hagar also shared his perspective about the pandemic.

“I also think that we were getting, as a race on this planet, all of us, we were getting a little out there and taking a lot for granted,” he says. “Hopefully, this kind of set people back, brought them back down to earth a little bit. It’s a hell of a way to do it, but that’s my hope that when we come out of this, people are going to be a little more thankful and maybe more considerate of others.”

Other topics included Hagar joking he felt like Elvis Presley singing so low on “Heroes,” a cover of the David Bowie track in which all proceeds are being donated to food banks nationwide. Hagar also discussed Sammy Hagar and The Circle’s new album Lockdown 2020 featuring the band performing socially distanced cover songs and one original.

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