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Sammy Hagar, Jason Bonham, Michael Anthony, Vic Johnson announce live album

Sammy Hagar, Jason Bonham, Michael Anthony and Vic Johnson have announced that their band, The Circle, will release a live album entitled At Your Service on May 19th. Recorded live in 2014, the album reflects four decades of Hagar’s career — Montrose, solo, Van Halen, Wabos and Chickenfoot — along with classic tracks from the Led Zeppelin catalog.

“There hasn’t been a live rock and roll album like this in years and I know you’re gonna love it!” the Red Rocker writes on Facebook.

iTunes pre-orders begin sometime this week and include an instant download of their take on Van Halen’s “Poundcake.”

The Circle hit the road again April 11th starting in Las Vegas with dates scheduled sporadically through September 5th in Lake Tahoe.

Despite being an active group, Hagar told Ultimate Classic Rock last year that he currently has no plans to record with the group.

“The Circle is so satisfying that I don’t even see a reason to make a record,” he says. “We have so many great hits that we can choose from our catalog, all of those Van Halen hits, all of the Sammy solo, all of those Montrose hits, Chickenfoot hits, Led Zeppelin songs — we have that catalog to choose from for our shows, so to make a record would just be kind of a waste of time. I wouldn’t say never, but first I’d like to put together the greatest set list that ever existed in rock ‘n’ roll, and I think we’re pretty close to it right now with the one that we have, but it can even get better. There’s a frikkin’ goldmine to choose from of songs that I’ve written and sang in my life.”

Sammy Hagar and The Circle At Your Service will also be available as a 2 CD set. A live DVD is also in the works.

2 CD | DVD

1. There’s Only One Way to Rock
2. Rock Candy
3. Good Times Bad Times
4. Poundcake
5. I Can’t Drive 55
6. Mikey Bass Solo
7. When It’s Love
8. Whole Lotta Love
9. Little White Lie
10. When The Levee Breaks
11. Jason Solo/Moby Dick
12. Why Can’t This Be Love
13. Finish What Ya Started
14. Heavy Metal
15. Vic Guitar Solo
16. Best of Both Worlds
17. Right Now
18. Rock and Roll
19. Dreams

Author: Buddy Iahn

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