New single available now

Back with another empowering anthem, Los Angeles’ hottest new band, The Scarlet Opera, releases a new single entitled “That Kind Of Woman” via SB Projects/Republic Records.

On “That Kind Of Woman,” synths echo underneath a swing drum beat as frontman Luka Bazulka’s animated delivery instantly captivates. Between eruptions of live piano and guitar, he tells a provocative story capped off by the refrain, “She’s that kind of woman, do as she please.” Yet, he also issues a cheeky warning, “Fall in love but you shouldn’t.” As always, it delivers on a promise to expect the unexpected from The Scarlet Opera.

“It’s meant to be as biting as it is frivolous, as commanding as it is careless,” the band shares of the song. “‘That Kind Of Woman’ takes life by the tassels, toying with them like a bored cat. She’s your mother, Hollywood starlet, hottest infatuation, boyfriend, angel, and harlot. She’s within everyone – and she’s ready, even when you aren’t.”

The single lands in the wake of the group’s debut Comedy EP, which features breakout singles “The Place To Be,” “Big City Thing,” “Alive,” and “Riot.” It has amassed millions of streams to date.

Hot off a North American tour supporting Ava Max and more, The Scarlet Opera will be unveiling more music very soon.

The band recently appeared on The Music Universe Podcast where they discussed the album, headlining Comedy: The Scarlet Opera Tour, and future plans.