Scissor Sisters debut getting half speed remaster

April 2019 sees the vinyl, half speed master release of the Scissor Sisters eponymous 2004 album by UMe/Polydor. Reaching No. 1 on its release, it was the best-selling album of 2004 in the UK where it went 9x platinum. Winning “Best International Album” at the 2005 BRIT Awards, it features the hit singles “Laura” and “Filthy/Gorgeous” and sold over three million copies worldwide.

Cut at half speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road, one of a very few internationally renowned exponents of the technique, the album will be presented on heavyweight vinyl with high spec packaging, to create a thoroughly bespoke vinyl experience that, most importantly, will provide a sound quality superior to anything else currently available.

The American pop/rock band Scissor Sisters formed in New York in the early 2000s with Jake Shears and Ana Matronic on vocals, multi-instrumentalist Babydaddy, Del Marquis on lead guitar/bass and Randy Real (who replaced Paddy Boom) on drums. They first rose to prominence on the release of their Grammy-nominated and chart-topping disco version of “Comfortably Numb” and their subsequent 2004 debut album.


Side A:

1. Laura
2. Take Your Mama
3. Comfortably Numb
4. Mary
5. Lovers In The Backseat

Side B:

1. Tits On The Radio
2. Filthy/Gorgeous
3. Music Is The Victim
4. Better Luck Next Time
5. It Can’t Come Quickly Enough
6. Return To Oz

Author: Buddy Iahn

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