It’s the first time pictures from the scene have been released publicly

Seattle police have released new photos from the death scene of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. As previously reported, KIRO 7 TV in Seattle reports that last month, police developed four rolls of film that had been sitting for years in a Seattle police evidence vault. The 35 mm film was processed by the King County Sheriff’s Office photo lab under high security.

During last Thursday night’s (March 20th) Eyewitness News at 11, the station spoke with Detective Mike Ciesynski, who re-examined the case by having the four rolls of film developed and conducting interviews.

Ciesynski states, “I was requested to look at the case because I’m a cold case detective because it is 20 years later and it’s a high media case. And there were always these conspiracy theorists out there, and so I was asked to look at the case and review it.”

Kurt Cobain Death Scene

After the station reported the re-investigation, Seattle police confirmed that it was not official re-opened but just being re-examined.

Ciesynski states that the final investigation report has not completed and that images of Cobain dead at the scene will not be released publicly, either.

“What are people going to gain from seeing pictures of Kurt Cobain laying on the ground with his hair blown back, with blood coming out of his nose and trauma to his eyes from a penetrating shotgun wound. How’s that going to benefit anybody?

“It wasn’t going to change my decision that this was a suicide, and actually I’m the one that makes the decision finally: do we go forward or not? Morally I would not be able to justify that. Legally I can’t justify doing that.”