Secret to effectively communicating any concert

For communication and digital marketing professionals, one of the most difficult challenges is effectively communicating an event that many people will attend. This event could perhaps attract the attention of even the international media, and therefore requires comprehensive coverage without any smearing, both in the weeks leading up to the event with the creation of content specifically designed for this purpose and in the weeks following it and of course also in the most significant moments of the event itself.

Very often, the organizers of these events turn to specialists, communication agencies, or professional figures specializing in digital marketing, asking them for advice on the type of content to be conveyed, the frequency of posts, but also on the design of an all-encompassing communication plan that covers the entire duration of the event, and that brings concrete results in terms of engagement and awareness, especially from the point of view of followers and interactions.

Most organizers, when approaching these professionals, always try to get some useful information regarding the so-called vanity metrics, such as likes on the Facebook page or followers on other social media, without devoting the necessary attention to the most important factor: the engagement rate of the posts, their reach, and of course also their ability to push users to share or comment on them.

A targeted strategy

Before thinking about the effectiveness of the posts, or the possible increase in followers, organizers of large events should find the basic idea that will animate the entire event, and that can be declined in various forms and in different aspects on the different communication channels that will tell the event, online and offline. It is a big idea, a characterizing theme that will accompany most of the content that will be published on social media and other media, and that will be unanimously perceived as the beating heart of the event itself.

Once this big idea is identified to be instilled in the communication strategy, everything else will come by itself, or almost: it will certainly be much easier to find the right format of posts and other content when one is already clear in mind what will be the common thread of the whole event. The reverse route is almost never possible, and will take an incredibly larger amount of time: ideas do not come from design approaches based on quantitative goals (such as likes or followers), but from an initial intuition sparked in the very early stages of work. Those involved in the promotion or communication management of a large event such as a music concert, for example, will be able to take advantage of the Focus Group methodology to gain important insights to be exploited in the communication plan, which in most cases (provided they are well managed) will be able to imprint themselves on the minds of the audience without any difficulty.

This planning phase is extremely important, because the conceptual basis for the development of the entire communication plan, the content for social media, and offline postings, in short, for the management of communication in its entirety, could flow from it.

The importance of listening

From listening to one’s interlocutors to one’s potential buyers (but also to some internal employees), one can derive extremely useful elements for the company’s operational strategies, even for everything that does not have to do directly with communication. The views of individuals interested in the service or product proposed by the brand, in fact, can also prove to be of great use in the creation of online content, particularly for social media, which in this way would also be crafted according to the tastes and expectations of the audience that was previously heard.

Many brands are already successfully employing this scheme of work: the best online portals dedicated to gambling, for example, offer honest reviews and very useful guides, written by professionals in the field who have also drawn on the views and opinions expressed by players, by people directly involved in the use of games, thus being able to solve the most common problems or clarify the most widespread doubts within the same circle of enthusiasts.

Thus, on these portals, players will not only find sites with the best casino games currently on the net but also high-level textual content that will help them get off to the best start on their adventure in the world of online entertainment.

All communication plans, and especially those for concert promotion, begin with a great idea that can also be found by chance, listening to one or two people inside a very simple room.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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