Small Town Spotlight: Billy Shaw Jr

The singer has gained a regional following in Tucson

Tucson, Arizona resident and lover of all things nerd-like, Billy Shaw Jr., has a knack for music making. He is a singer, songwriter, and can play the hell out of a fiddle. He is the go to guy for Tucson’s country music entertainment and is well known (and loved!) around town.

Shaw grew up listening to artists such as Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers. However, his unique version of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” resonates a rocker side to his soulful country sound.

Known as the Clark Kent of Country Music, his geek tendencies totally disappear while on stage. Shaw knows how to charm a room, with his thick black framed glasses and fiddle in hand, he nails each and every track aimlessly. Shaw is also a seasoned musician playing harmonica, bass, drums and mandolin. His band members include Laki Skouras on lead vocals and guitar, AJ Gonzales on harmony and guitar and Carlos Solozano on drums. Shaw is recently the Nash Next Tucson Finalist and will move on to the next round.

You can follow Shaw on Twitter @billyshawjr

Brittany Vance
Brittany Vance

Southern WV born and bred who is a lover of all things country. She's a mother of two and professional hell raiser. Brittany will pop in from time to time as a Guest Columnist who will present her unfiltered thoughts on the most recent country concerts and maybe an exclusive interview or two.