Small Town Spotlight with Brittany Vance: King Marz

At just 20-years-old Nimarr Akers (aka King Marz) is dedicated to his craft and determined to put his home state on the map. You see, most hip hop artist represent a city, but King Marz is from a small-scale town in southern West Virginia. Logan, WV is a small town with a couple traffic lights and a Walmart Supercenter. Although it may be small, that just makes this local talent’s dreams even bigger.

King Marz is influenced by an array of artistry, however, he notes that Lil Wayne has strong metaphors and Drake’s ability to grab attention is admirable. His respect is also directed to all the independent artist who are grinding hard, such as himself.

Although his very first song was recorded eight months ago, he has gained massive support in his home town as well as his home state. King Marz is not looking for overnight success and is prepared for anything that comes his way. His mindset to work for his success is compelling.

His mixtape titled Young and Gettin It can be found via Spinrilla and Live Mixtapes. His passion, drive and talent stand out abruptly and if you are curious about his bars. Well…see for yourself.


Brittany Vance
Brittany Vance

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