Microsite offers a personalized album experience

Spotify will once again provide fans with a highly personalized way to experience The Weeknd’s critically acclaimed album, After Hours, which has seen over 2.6 billion streams on Spotify. Spotify is creating “Alone With Me,” an immersive AI (Artificial Intelligence) microsite experience powered by listening data. Engineered through AI, fans will be transported to a world that features a life-like version of The Weeknd, who will have a personalized one-on-one chat with them. Back in March, to celebrate The Weeknd’s new album, Spotify partnered with the singer and XO/Republic to give fans a personal look into the tracks through an exclusive remote listening party and Q&A.

Spotify’s “Alone With Me” AI microsite experience pulls you into The Weeknd’s After Hours paradigm, where he begins by thanking you by name for being a fan. The conversation is truly personalized. The Weeknd will start by addressing each fan by name, and share how they’ve streamed his music over the years – their favorite Weeknd song, the year they started listening to him, and more. The experience then turns into an intimate-yet-dynamic listening session of After Hours, one that is solely between the fan and The Weeknd. In theme with the album, The Weeknd’s After Hours alter-ego is portrayed in an innovative and unexpected way, immersing fans into a one-of-a-kind experience that’s powered by their own listening data.