Not only does Kevin Jenkins’ Step Inside have plenty of soul there’s also lots on his mind from politics, social/economic realities and a host of other questions raised by Jenkins in this wonderful, upbeat but politically conscious solo album. It’s more than an R&B fusion album; Step Inside will let you step inside Jenkins’ soul as he sings about a host of issues that are dear to heart.

There’s lots that Jenkins discusses in this wonderfully produced album. “Save The Days” asks who’s going to show the way, who’s going to shine the light and makes things right in a funky reggae inspired beat. The funk and roll track “Take This Ride” has Jenkins chanting “I ain’t never gonna quit. I’m having my way.”

“Learn To Love” is easily the most introspective and political track on the album which Jenkins sings straight from his heart, “We got to learn to love. We need to learn to love. No more excuses from TV talking heads. In place of facts they tell lies instead. The clock is ticking, there is no doubt. Makes me wanna holla, makes me wanna shout.”

And, if you dare, Jenkins asks on “What Comes Around” “Step inside my circle, you know what I mean. Take this trip with me,” where you’re mind can be set free.

Step Inside is a well crafted album that offers perspective and Kevin’s thoughts in his head and in his soul. Kevin definitely succeeds in taking us a wonderful trip into his world filled with great music.