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Steven Tyler makes country work with ‘Love Is Your Name’ debut

Steven Tyler may always be known as Aersomith’s frontman, but the 67-year-old is making a name for himself in country music with the release of his debut country solo single, “Love Is Your Name.” While I had my reservations about hearing the track, given Aerosmith’s recent recordings, I was also interested, but quite surprised at how refreshing it sounds for today’s country.

The three and a half minute track could be considered “traditional country” by today’s standards since it’s heavy on acoustic guitar, fiddle and banjo backed with marching drums and shakers. Flavored throughout are Tyler’s signature vocal effects and high pitch squeals that help make the song unique.

“Love Is Your Name” is a classic love story of a guy professing what he will do for a woman’s love. The chorus reads: “I’ll walk through the fire / I’ll run through the rain / I’ll wait for forever / If Love is your name.”

If Tyler stays away from bro country, I think he could make a solid solo career in the genre that has welcomed its fair share of rockers over the last decade including Darius Rucker, Bret Michaels and Aaron Lewis.