Stormy Mondays ‘Wading The River/Lay Of the Land’ continuous Americana

For a band from Spain, Stormy Mondays couldn’t be further away from good ole Americana. But that’s what you’ll get heavy dosages of when you just let both epic EP’s—Wading The River/Lay Of the Land—play on continuously. You’ll also get classic rock, some Motown and of course, authentic Spanish folk music in the band’s native tongue, Asturian.

Now don’t get put off because the music is simply amazing. Tracks that nicely blend into one another shows that’s there’s no filler, just one really great song after another. Where to begin? “Love and Fire” off of Wading The River has an almost Door’s musicality about it, including lyrics that are simply poetic and filled with beauty. From cheery-filled optimism, “Nobody Knows” brings it down a notch but although the lyrics talk about pain, it’s done in such a way that it’s not a downer but more of a song meant to lift you up. The sexy one note Spanish guitar track “Silent Star” leads to “Struck By Life”, a most Americana, Springsteen-inspired jam. “Not Enough” closes out this EP with you expressing the same thought, “it’s not enough.”

Over to Lay Of the Land, the band continues to wow us with an additional seven, glorious tracks that can easily stand on their own as singles. The most unique of these, “Dormi ya” which is sung entirely in Asturian, will surely leave you the listener looking up into the stars and feeling a sense of pride, optimism as it closes out another impressive album by these veteran Spanish rockers. If great music still comes from the other side of the Atlantic, then definitely look towards Spain as Stormy Mondays has released two great albums worthy of your listening time and pleasure.

Wading The River | Lay Of the Land


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