Taylor James mixes Motown with R&B for ‘Insane’

Album is available on CD

Sometimes we want something uplifting, fun, with a side of soul while we’re road-tripping. If that’s what you’re looking for, Insane by the very musical mind of Taylor James is where you begin.

With his Motown influences and heavy background in creating, writing and arranging, Insane is an album that sounds very polished as well as smooth. Let’s not forget that this album, which draws heavily from gospel, adult contemporary and hip hop sounds and beats, is very much an R&B album, with some 90’s leaning but also sounding very 2018. In other words, even the kids will be bopping their heads along with their elders. It’s that mass appeal this album delivers that is really Insane’s strong point.

The title track has a very energetic funky vibe, while other tracks we’re impressed with such as “Say It’s Me” goes old school a bit. Once you’re back from the 90’s, take a listen to the pure R&B track “Back 2 U” which will really leave you knowing you’re back in 2018 and in a good place. For a mix of everything, “This Time” includes a bit of hip hop, soul, smooth guitar, and lots of positive vibes.

Insane is the perfect name for this most crazy album, which we mean in a most good way. James does go insane blending a little bit everything but achieving something very good.

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