The Ria Reece Band release self-titled bluesy album

The first thing you notice when listening to The Ria Reece Band’s self-titled debut is its sweetness. Musically it’s a top notch, lively bluesy/rock album with plenty of soul and spirituality coming out of Ria herself. If this is the blues for the new generation, may The Ria Reece Band lead the way.

Ria’s voice is what stands out most, displaying incredible range that are also heartfelt. She has a voice that can be angelic or just down home honky tonk. As for the album, it’s hard to tear yourself away from these ten incredible tracks. From blues, soul, funk and rock The Ria Reece Band simply sound like no other band today.

Beginning things off with the radio-friendly “You Can’t Save Her,” a heavy blues guitar track, the rest of the album follows its own path musically with a mix of original material and old favorites. “I’d Rather Go Blind” is a slow, reflective, melancholy track Ria kills with her far-reaching vocal range. That’s followed by “All Of Us” a track that’s more upbeat that will have you thinking about good times. “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” is a playful tune that will also put smiles on you, followed by her rendition of Etta James’ “At Last” which Ria nicely covers, her baritone voice easily capturing the spirit of song.

“Tell Mama,” “The Road”, and “Whisper” are three back to back tracks that on any other album would nicely round out this impressive debut but what the Ria Reece Band do is surprise us with their take on the old New Orleans fable “House Of the Rising Sun,” made popular by The Animals. They add their own twist and what they create is a rendition that is soulfully haunting but beautiful at the same time. The Ria Reece Band is a band that can rightfully lay claim as one of the next great blues band of our time.


Author: Rob Perez

Rob Perez is a freelance writer who has been with The Music Universe early on. As a Correspondent for The Music Universe, you will find him writing reviews and live tweeting awards shows.

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