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The Rolling Stones release catalog ‘Mastered For iTunes’

The Rolling Stones are continuing to celebrate their 50th anniversary by remastering their entire album catalog specifically for iTunes. The career-spanning digital set chronicles the British group’s introductory 1963 cover of Chuck Berry’s “Come On” to last year’s Greatest Hits collection GRRR! all available through Universal Music.

The remasters, released on June 18th, are available in two sets, 1963-1971 and 1971-2013. The sets include every studio and live album along with all of the band’s compilations to date. Both are reasonable priced at $129.99 for 1963-71 and $149.99 to 1971-2013.

Projects Mastered for iTunes allows the artist and engineer to give the consumer the true experience of the recording. It allows each track to be heard as the artist and engineer intended, much like a Director’s Cut of a film. The audio is remastered from the original source tapes in high definition creating files that retain the small footprint, portability, and ease of use iTunes made famous.

The tracks are an upgrade from the normal 128 kbps AAC encoded files. They’re released at 256 kbps with 32-bit range.

1963-1971 | 1971-2013

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