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The Strokes ‘Comedown Machine’ fits every mood

The fifth album by The Strokes, Comedown Machine, made its way onto store shelves Tuesday (March 26th). It’s safe to say that out of all albums released so far, Comedown Machine has been the most doubtful. After many shoulder shrugs from their previous album, Angles, The Strokes are quick to remind us how diverse they can really be. Comedown Machine oozes 1980’s with it’s heavy use of synth and electric guitar. Eleven tracks and 40 minutes of listening, we are left with a stronger understanding of their influences and a craving for more pop and some new wave.

For those of you who can’t let their past albums go, songs like “All the Time” and “50/50” might change your mind. They are subtle reminders that the “old” The Strokes are still here, in fact, they might have not even left at all. It also seems that Comedown Machine has a song to fit your every mood. Whether you are feeling down, electrified, deprived or hopeful, it has it all. If you’re still not convinced, try giving it a listen. You might be reminded of such artists like New Order, The Police, OMD, Devo, When In Rome, even some Michael Jackson.


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