The record is constructed atop of The Forum in Inglewood, CA

The Forum in the Los Angeles suburb of Inglewood is back and is making sure the world knows it by mounting the world’s largest vinyl record atop of its circular building. The Madison Square Garden company, which has taken on the revitalization of the iconic Southland building, has constructed the 407 foot diameter mock LP of the Eagles’ Hotel California album in anticipation of the band’s upcoming six show stint to reopen the Forum on January 15th.

Hundreds of thousands LAX passengers on nearly 1,700 flights per day are expected to see the giant LP that was constructed from 250,000 square feet of printed vinyl which is equivalent to five point seven acres or four and a half football fields. Fifty thousand pounds or 25 tons of material was used including 15,000 LED lights, one mile of aluminum truss, 5,000 nuts and bolts, 2,000 feet of curved aluminum as well as 20,000 square feet of concrete decal and non slip lamination.

Twenty thousand total man-hours were spent designing and building the mock vinyl that spins at 17 mph and is visible up to one mile away. Two hundred continuous hours or eight and a half days were spent to print the vinyl graphics that include letters the size of the iconic Hollywood Sign while 75 crew members worked ten days through the Christmas holiday to assemble the one-of-a-kind disc.

The Forum’s Senior Vice President of the West Coast Business Operations, Sid Greenfeig, said, “This was the perfect way to highlight to the world that the Forum is back in business and for us to honor America’s biggest band, the Eagles, who continue to be one of the most popular and successful groups touring today, and the first performer to play our iconic venue.”

The giant Hotel California mock LP will be suspended through the end of January.