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Three of East 17’s best songs

First hitting the big time in the early 1990s, East 17 were at one time the biggest rivals to the clean cut Take That. Featuring an edgier sound with rap and hip-hop influences and a more streetwise fashion sense, East 17 scored an impressive 18 Top 40 hits during their heyday and won the hearts and minds of teenagers across the UK.

Splitting up in 1997, the band have reformed on several occasions for tours, benefits and other occasions and are now playing together once again. New band member Robbie Craig has brought new enthusiasm to the band, who are performing with just as much energy and charisma as they did 20 years ago.

We’ve got a run-down of some of the group’s best ever songs below – keep reading to see what we think:

“Stay Another Day”

Not just one of East 17’s biggest songs but one of the biggest songs of the decade, Stay Another Day is a song that’s still recognised and played around the UK to this day. The group’s biggest ever hit, it made it to the Christmas #1 spot in the Top 40 in 1994 and is often featured on TV and film soundtracks. It’s a classic ballad with an unusual arrangement for a pop song, which features almost no drums at all.


Seen as infinitely cooler than many of their pop contemporaries, East 17 drew on trip hop influences for the song Deep, another of their most popular. The edgy video is set on what looks like a council estate and in a grimy looking pub, with graffiti in the background of some shots – in combination with the style of the song it helped to bring some elements of urban culture to a wider audience.

“It’s Alright”

Encompassing yet another genre, It’s Alright has some techno influences, particularly in the chorus, reflecting the trend for electronic music outside of the mainstream at the time the track was released. It’s a perfectly timed track in which the ‘drop’ comes at just the right time to get listeners excited.

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